At home with the creative director, Clarisse Demory in Paris

Interview and Photography by Sarah Levett. 



Thanks for inviting us into your home, Clarisse. What do you like about this neighborhood?

I’ve lived in the 19th district of Paris (northeast) for 18 years. It’s free of any cute shop, which gives me a break from commercial trends.

How would you describe what you do?

I’m a creative director. I help brands and places translate their language into interiors, pictures, flowers, food, scent, music, tableware etc. Sometimes I have to create the language itself.

What does fashion mean to you right now?

Style, to some extent, is a manifestation of my personality. But I admit it’s not totally genuine; I’m influenced by canned styles delivered by brands I like or by inspiring people.

What can you not live without?

Close people, good food, the internet (which now includes my music), abundant water, and good-smelling moisturizing cream.

Do you have any daily rituals?

If rituals mean good habits, I don’t have any! I mean, they are marginal. I do all the wrong things: coffee, sugar, gluten, no sport, no early sleep, no discipline at organizing my professional life within my personal life.

What is your idea of happiness?

The answer is in the question; I believe it’s all about the idea of it: dreams, desire, hope.

What does the image of a garçonne evoke for you?

Jean Seberg, la Nouvelle Vague, the youth of feminism.

Do you consider yourself a garçonne?

Socially, professionally, and in what I present, probably, but the truth is I’m such a basic old school, archetypal woman. Hmm…Or not?! It’s so hard to say. It’s definitely a nature/nurture imbroglio.